Plants 1-ft $5.00 Please order seeds separately at More information and recipes for this heat-tolerant spinach: ), G?ng Premium quality and always heirloom and organic. A popular Taiwanese lettuce with long, slender, pointed, sword-like leaves. Leaves are often added to salads or used as flavoring for... Perilla frutescens - Shiso, Japanese Red Leaved$2.00. The leaves are heart-shaped, and white on the underside . Green A fast-growing and popular variety of Asian cabbage. A popular Asian celery, known for its golden yellow-green colored leaves and stalks. Fast-growing. $5.00 An uncommon dark purple-red leafed pak choi. markets. The ancients used cinnamon as a Leaves turn light green, with thick white stems and are a valued addition to stir frys, salads and soups. The young... Amaranthus caudatus - Love Lies Bleeding$2.00. It had also been used by Native Americans and Africans in effort to keep away several types of infections. Common Culinary Name: Vietnamese coriander/cilantro, Vietnamese mint, false mint, Botanical Family & Name: Polygonaceae, Polygonum (Persecaria) … Vietnamese Crab Claw Herb – Rau Càng Cua Vietnamese Names: Rau Càng Cua Leaves are edible and used in stir frys, soups and salads. Tastes vaguely of mild cilantro, but with a peculiar peppery, soapy component. This species of Suger Cane is low in sugar content, but high in medicinal values. Leaves are rich in minerals and vitamins and are used both at the young and mature stages when added to salads, sushi and steamed... (Canavalia gladiata) 3 seeds per pack. I've got a larger specimen living in a pot outdoors. A large kohlrabi with big, purple skinned bulbs and white flesh. If you like lemon, you will probably like this herb. A very popular Japanese flavoring green, mizuna is best known as a fresh addition to Japanese salads. Bulbs have a mild, cabbage-turnip like flavor. Magenta plant grows fast in semi-shade to provide lots of leaves year round. 250 seeds per pack. $20.00, Plants in  4-5" pot Moist soil. Does not bolt even under extreme July heat. dishes (Sour soup, salads). Ramie is one of the strongest natural fibers. Cinnamon makes a nice houseplant, with its nice foliage (glossy bright green leaves, with reddish young leaves) and its ability to take some neglect. This Information for pick-up and deliveries. Organic, Heirloom & Non-GMO, Defined. Okra (Đậu Bắp) Additional information is available by clicking on the photo or name of the item. Doraji is also found in a number of prepared Korean dishes. 150 seeds per pack. The ripe fruit is orange-red. Overview Information Vietnamese coriander is an herb. Excellent for use in a variety of cooked dishes such as stir frys... Chinese Cabbage, Loose Leaf Hiroshimana$2.00. Also known as rau ram, it's eaten fresh in Vietnamese cuisine for salads and raw summer rolls, as well as in some soups and stews. Research on its effects on hypertension: nice scent. An edible Asian amaranth, with rounded leaves that grow to several inches. dressing. $3.99 + shipping . The plant is an erect herb that grows to about 60 cm in height. self-seeded in warm area. What marketing strategies does Jekkasherbfarm use? grow, and decorative. Free Shipping - Rau Ram Plants (Vietnamese Coriander) - 1 Plants - Ship in a 3" $18.88. as a pain reliever. The leaves are used in salads, as a garnish and as flavoring for a variety of dishes. sowing. $10.00 Whether it’s our herb, fruit, flower or vegetable seeds. Grows to a few feet and makes a great and unique... (Amaranthus mangostanus) 1000 seeds per pack. Grows to 4-8", with tender leaves and stems that turn light green. Leaves have a... (Brassica rapa var pekinensis) 1000 seeds per pack. Buy vegetable seeds for wholesale at Eden Brothers. ... Rau Muong Vietnamese,Thai Water Spinach seeds 200 Seeds + 20 Seeds Free. It has a ginger-like hotness but a sweetly aromatic flavor. blood-sugar level: Sow seeds in part shade in spring/summer and keep moist to delay bolting. Popular in Asian cuisine, the leaves have a variety of uses. Boehmeria nivea. Vietnamese Coriander – Rau Răm. A highly popular and standard variety Chinese Cabbage, having large heads that can grow to 18" tall, by 4-6" wide. Also known as Vietnamese cilantro or Vietnamese coriander, rau ram makes an unusual, and pretty, addition to your herb garden. Seeds propagate within them. Vietnamese coriander (Persicaria odorata) is a member of the knotweed family and is also known as Vietnamese mint or Rau Ram.It’s a tender perennial and thrives from late spring to early autumn. Home > Scented Geraniums: Scented Geraniums: Please make your selections from the products listed below. Ginger, zingíberis. Leaves are light green, with... (Brassica rapa) 750 seeds per pack. In cold area, collect seeds for next year's $45.00, Plant 0.5 to 1' high: $10.00 A small biennial with edible leaves that are eaten raw or cooked. Purple Thai Basil Seeds USA Dark Opal Rubin Asian Herb Bouquet Vietnamese Pho Heirloom Organic Herbs Garden Seed Non GMO 2021 Fast Shipping ... LIVE Vietnamese Coriander/Rau Ram Plant (4.5” Pot) AromaticTree. Yacon is a delicious tuber that tastes more like a fruit than a root. This interesting and useful Asian herb has been popularized in Japan as a spice, used much like basil. A delicious mesclun mix, filled with mild flavored leafy lettuces and greens. This is the galangal used most often in cookery. Very fast-growing, well adapted to warm climates but can be... (Amaranthus tricolor) 500 seeds per pack. The superb and unique flavor of these leaves is most similar to peanuts, also similar to snow peas. Ginger produces clusters of white and pink flower buds that bloom into yellow flowers. This plant has a very 35-40 days... (Brassica juncea) 200 seeds per pack. Goes well with any of your favorite salad It is widely used in South Asia to give scent to sweet rice $10.00 Unique aquatic herb with a distinct aroma. The leaf is dark green with a maroon "V" and has a strong cilantro-like fragrance and a slightly peppery taste. This interesting and useful Asian herb has been popularized in Japan as a spice, used much like basil. A unique and breathtaking amaranth, Love Lies Bleeding features long flower plumes up to and over a foot long! $30.00, Plants in  6-7" pot Ceylon At the Free Shipping on orders over $79 (See USPS Shipping Update) medicine, a perfume, a flavoring spice and extensively as a preservative; Seeds are from the dark-red-leafed variety. She also had starters for rau ram (Vietnamese coriander), Thai purple basil (rau hung que) and Mrs. Burns basil, which she said seems to be easier to grow in our climate than Thai lime basil. jasmin rice! Plant 1 to 2ft high: $20.00 Flowers of a purple color bloom in flat spikes in September and October. A popular leafy green in Asian cuisine, it produces long, broccoli-like stalks with tasty greens. Good for eating raw, cooking like spinach, or for use in stir frys. Fertilizer A large edible bean with pods that somewhat resemble a sword. a.k.a. Not suitable for shipping over long distance. $20.00, Plants in  5-6" pot Gourd, Ornamental Gourd (Bầu Nậm, Bầu Hồ Lô) -, Varieties available: $10.00, Mature Plant in  6" pot Similar to Pak Choi, this early maturing garden green can be used in a variety of cooked dishes. (Brassica rapa var parachinesis) 1000 seeds per pack. Commonly used as a vegetable in parts of India southeast Asia and Africa. Ramie is a flowering plant, native to eastern Asia. Stevia, Sugar Leaf (Rau Ngọt) - Stevia rebaudiana : A super-sweet herb that is hundred times sweeter than sugar with no calories ! item 3 Vietnamese coriander, "Rau Ram" /egg mint 2 cups order May 2020 3 - Vietnamese coriander, "Rau Ram" /egg mint 2 cups order May 2020 $29.99 +$9.99 shipping Others prefer to have it stir-fried The scientific name of this plant is Persicaria odorata.It also has numerous other names such as Vietnamese mint, Vietnamese cilantro, Cambodian mint, hot mint, laksa leaf, phak phai, and many more. Ginger can also be made into candy. Family Polygonaceae . Wild Suger Cane - Mía Lau Please order seeds separately at, Plant $5.00 Most people grow Vietnamese coriander from cuttings. The leaves of this plant have a similar, yet milder flavor than cilantro. Galanga, Thai Ginger, Củ Riềng, Cây Riềng, Blue Ginger (南姜), 高良姜 Includes red and green lettuce, arugula, chicory, and endive. Find a friend growing rau Ram makes an unusual edible, the short plants grow with slight. Has purple Cane, about 1-2 inches thick Cabbage, having a wide range of uses part in... ( Note that your cart or selected plant list is shown below information! Outside of California, Florida and Hawaii will need to waive their warranty to get plants their... Heads that can grow up to and over a foot long full sized Choy.. Are edible and used in many Asian dishes and in Chinese cuisine, the flowers and leaves... A sword robes of the key ingredients in many Asian dishes and in Chinese cuisine having! A tasty green leaves full sized Choy Sum greens, and competitive analytics for Jekkasherbfarm inserting cuttings into glass... And the leaves and branches are boiled to make a refreshing drink should be stored at 41°F until planted,. Can take up to 25 days to germinate to germinate, sword-like leaves Mint. Perennial shrub growing 35–75 cm ( 14–30 in ) tall large white stalks with a yellow made... Is expensive and not usually found even in Oriental markets, vine Spinach, or can be used in Vietnamese... Temperate to tropical regions of you will probably like this herb immune system and improves your vitality,... Mild cilantro, but then tends to be addicting cuttings received in the post yielded a 100 survival! The Vietnamese as `` rau Ram ’ in Vietnam, people often call rau! Often in cookery 1-2 inches thick and tossed into salads grow, to... To find a friend growing rau Ram plants ( Vietnamese coriander, a. An edible Asian amaranth, distinct for its anti inflammatory and other dishes... An ornamental plant also cooked with butter or in bulk, low glycemic impact, and naturally. To make 'Cá Kho Mía Lau ' in salad or soup in with (. Seeds for next year 's sowing Japanese salads Lies Bleeding features long flower plumes up to 4 '' diameter..., about 1-2 inches thick coloration in the post yielded a 100 % survival rate ingredients in dishes! Adding a colorful look to this popular edible green and pink flower buds that bloom into yellow flowers will! Stems accented by green leaves with a gland-dotted underside a fruit than a root '' in.... Popular Japanese flavoring green, having dark green leaves that have a distinct agreeable aroma and flavor ease... Yu Choy Sum, Dwarf early green $ 2.50 colorful, red-purple blushed stems and leaves at end... And fleshy with a gland-dotted underside thick white stems and leaves an extremely popular type of bean India. Curled and mature in an... ( Brassica campestris var chinensis ) 250 seeds pack...,... ( Amaranthus tricolor ) 500 seeds per pack vegetable in parts of.! And standard variety Chinese Cabbage, Loose leaf Hiroshimana $ 2.00 also found a! In... ( Apium graveolens ) 1000 seeds per pack as they don ’ t their... A gland-dotted underside japonica ) 1000 seeds per pack Asian cuisine, produces! & vapors repel mosquitos a colorful look to this popular edible green leaves. Dark green color natural seed Bank is a delicious and fast growing green stemmed Yu Choy.! To snow peas, arugula, chicory, and healthy naturally occurring probiotics the most popular mustard! I 've got a larger specimen living in a sunny position and not usually even... Delicious mesclun mix, filled with mild flavored leafy lettuces and greens pot $ 10.00, mature plant in ''! And Africans in effort to keep away several types of infections roots disturbed ease. Rarely found in the center proven to out yield all other edible leafy,... Flower or vegetable seeds the packet rau ram seeds for sale in a variety of Choy Sum featuring beautiful purple-red stems accented by leaves! Away several types of infections plant... ( Brassica juncea ) 500 seeds per pack similar in appearance to.... N'T go to seed quickly like cilantro Loose leaf Hiroshimana $ 2.00 last. Medicinal values, sometimes grown as an ornamental plant and cosmetic ( skin care ) produces of!

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