5 1 vote. ANDRO Rasanter R48 Table Tennis Rubber – Best for Spin, 2. You already have the top 10 best backhand rubbers. DONIC Baracuda high-quality ping pong Rubber; 2.4 #4. It also enables you to block your opponent’s shots as well, effortlessly. Here is an example that Chinese players get their full combo for only 40 USD. TIBHAR Evolution MX-P Table Tennis Rubber – Best for Backhand, 6. Today, I just get an email from good Chinese players. Any suggestion? Another condition is that only rubbers with the ITTF logo can be utilized during official play. Profile. The only presumable downside might be that the explosiveness is hard to master and control. I literally feel no difference. Using the proprietary spring sponge technology from Butterfly, the rubber can correct errors in your angles and your swing. The amount of choice is ridiculous. Best Ping Pong Rubbers To Buy ; How to Choose the Best Table Tennis Rubber. It has made many groundbreaking inventions in table tennis rubbers and collaborated with the World Table Tennis Championships more than once. I like how it plays, a little bit more grip will be appreciated. Butterfly Rozena Table Tennis Rubber – Best for Control, 7. 29 Jul 2020 29 Jul 2020. TTD Member Country: Equipment: Butterfly Zhang Jike Tenergy 64 hurricane 3 NEO … The Tibhar Evolution MX-P is one of the most potent rubbers on our list. Playing table tennis with both hands – Good or Bad? 06/05/2020 Very Sweet Rubber Review by Stephen Kelen . Falck’s backhand is among the strongest backhands in the world. Learn more. Hello Coach, thanks for the article. 10/06/2020 Perfect Review by tomer ben zriham . It trains in polishing better shots and gives professional spin and speed capability. Age 26 years old World ranking 20 (Highest 8 on 2018/3) Main competition results. This is the fourth Butterfly rubber on our list. The rubber comes in three different thicknesses and two different colors. Moreover, the Tenergy range is one of the most successful product lines from Butterfly. 2020 CATALOG (ENGLISH) 2019 CATALOG (SPANISH) LINKS MAP PRODUCTS NEWSLETTER PRIVACY NOTICE. Even then, the rubber can output adequate speed and spin, thereby letting you practice your serves, chopping, forehand, and backhand shots. 27/02/2020 five stars Review by Kenneth Yan . Men's Singles Quarter finals (2019-12-14 13:00) LIANG Jingkun . Resources. Another unique feature of this rubber is its fantastic color. You may have noticed that a lot of players use Tenergy 64 for backhand. You already have the top 10 best backhand rubbers. Learn more. Quality: Extra. You must ensure your rubber is approved by the standards set by the International Table Tennis Federation if you wish to compete in formal play. The Tenergy range of rubbers is one of the highest-rated rubbers in the professional table tennis community. The R48 is known for its fantastic spin because of the Energy Cell sponge and the unique R rubber on top. The Tenergy 64 is one of the most well-known rubber from the Tenergy Family of rubbers. Place them on both sides of the paddle to keep any and dust and grime off it. This bat will let you take your aggressive gameplay to a whole new level. 22/04/2020 Top Review by D T . The tackiness also aids in the consistency of the ball. On the other hand, the medium weight paired with the R rubber and Energy Sponge makes way for a fantastic swing and spin. Some rubbers are suitable for aggressive gameplay, and some are best for defensive plays. Quality: Great speed and spin. The call will sink to the wooden surface and deliver less speed and spin. For newcomers, a minimum amount of practice is required to polish fast reaction times and powerful shots. It was established in Japan in 1950 and has now grown to become one of the best. Some other Chinese rubbers with ok prices and backhand potential… Read more », Hi Markus It is true as explained by coach, new chinese rubbers are light and pretty fast, although they are not similar in regard vibration and trait to euro or jap rubber. Yes, you are right. Within this article, the best rubbers of the eight most common categories are listed. In my opinion, it depends on yourself perceiving backhand rubber and backhand mechanism and trait of yourself. The modern Chinese rubbers nowadays are often lighter than the older version. It is Iron Triangle – Thunderbolt, chinese rubber. This makes the rubber versatile and lets you not worry about the pairing. CROTT02 … Hence you might need to change it after a few months. Rubber (Backhand) TENERGY 05. Right now, its competitive scene is booming with enthusiasts and professionals. Nowadays, the backhand rubbers used by the professional players are often the Japanese or ESN rubbers. There are also tacky rubbers that have a flat and sticky surface; these are best in giving the ball some light spin. 04/10/2019 Good Review by Aviana Bailey . Read on to figure out what factors you should consider, ensuring an accurate purchase. Generally, the softer sponges give off more feeling of the ball, are more gracious, and generate spins easier. Therefore, you can have complete trust in them. The soft sponge makes way for a very lightweight rubber. There are literally hundreds of rubbers and blades you could potentially buy, and a lot of them are very good. Training with Coach Ye Tian on October 12, 2018. Quality : Good. On the other hand, the pre-tensed rubber increases the bat’s catapult effect, providing additional speed and power for your strokes. It is a special Rose dyed sponge giving it a vibrant and beautiful look. You can play with the rubber for 6 months to 2 years, and the rubber’s characteristics are still the same. The company has produced some of the best rubbers for each category and at different price ranges. The rubber has the incorporated Neo sponge technology proprietary to the company. Coming to the Neo Hurricane 3, it is deemed one of the best rubbers for forehand by professionals. Technique Advice. 14/07/2020 Its good Review by Heng Socheat . The Tenergy 80 FX is the most balanced table tennis rubber that you’ll find on Amazon. Quality: Good & consistent as always. You will be able to fine-tune the performance and thereby make your cops perfect. If you have an attacking playstyle, stay close to the table and use a lot of forehand shots, this is the best product for you to choose. The Butterfly Tenergy 64 is the second product from Butterfly that we have on our list. Either way, round, we have listed some of the best rubbers from world-renowned brands. Welcome. Look at the subject of his email “Very hard Chinese rubber, very cheap and excellent quality”. But on skillful hands, its consistency is a strong point. China World ranking 9 3 7 - 11; 11 - 3 9 - 11; 11 - 6 11 - 5 9 - 11; 9 - 11; 4. Furthermore, the rubber also houses the High Tension Rubber technology. So consistent! On the other side, the rubber is not that proficient in chopping and flat hitting because of its springiness. Good price. This pre – tensed rubber provides the ball extra bounce and velocity. The rubber on the table tennis paddle is an integral element as it majorly influences the way you play and the ball’s behavior. It is suitable for both the attacking and defensive playstyle, which is a rare trait among rubbers from different brands. Country China Style Shake attack. CHO Seungmin . For someone who has just started to learn table tennis, that is what you need. Because of the backhand stroke mechanism, you need a bouncy and fast rubber. How to improve my skills? Players mostly opt for a smooth rubber sheet that has pimples on inwards. See chinese player who is successful on chinese rubber on backhand side, Wang ChuQin. 3 Dec 2020 by Coach EmRatThich. Defensive strikers who mainly go for serves like underspin and block prefer a slower speed rubber. I’ve been putting off writing this blog-post for a while, as it’s such a minefield! 14/08/2020 Best Review by Mahmut Ates . And it is very spinny and consistent. Would love your thoughts, please comment. These brands have all been suppliers of either Olympic Table Tennis Games or the World Table Tennis Championships. Age 25 years old Place of birth ... Men The 1st match (2020-02-02 ) MURAMATSU Yuto Japan . The other best part about this rubber is that it can easily last longer than any other rubbers on this list. Bei uns lernst du alle relevanten Fakten und das Team hat die New doc martens recherchiert. It’s the Iron Triangle – Thunderbolt (only 4 USD). According to the manufacturer’s estimate, the general life of a rubber can last for 50 to 90 playing hours. It’s one of the best backhand rubber for the modern table tennis nowadays. I always liked tacky and hard to mid-hard rubbers. Furthermore, this is one of the oldest table tennis rubbers from the company and the most used. This does not let your hands get tired fast, and lets you make swings and shots with precision for a more extended period. Korea, Republic of World ranking 78 2019 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals. The Two-Color Rule; ITTF Approval; Density of the Sponge; Pimples In (Reverse Rubber) Pimples Out; Style of Play; Top 9 Best Table Tennis Rubbers Reviews (2020) 1. Quality: Good responsive BH rubber with medium hardness - very controllable. Updated September 23, 2020 . Harder sponges lend the player extra offensive strength and give greater spin potential even for very tricky or difficult shots. It can be called the jack of all trades. This rubber is powerful and spinny. Thin sponges work best for defensive players as it is useful for mellowing out the speed and spin of the foe’s shots. If you’re a backhand player, you’ll be surprised by the rubber’s power and spin capabilities. Profile. With a slight tackiness of the rubber, you will be able to control the ball without any difficulties. What is the best rubber for your forehand? The second killer feature is the outer rubber layer. How to use EmRatThich Table Tennis Forum . Besides, the Sponge also offers a big sweet spot. You can mix and match the products listed if you want to rate them according to different characteristics like spin, speed, or control. Best Forehand Rubber 2020. volki 277 views 4 comments 0 points Most recent by volki August 14 0 Dignics 09c vs Hurricane 3 / orther Chinese style rubbers. Butterfly Tenergy 80 FX Table Tennis Rubber – Best for Professionals, Things to Consider When Buying a Table Tennis Rubber. The spring sponge enables the ball to dig into the rubber and gain a high spin. Contents. Butterfly is taking over this list. Best Table Tennis Rubber Comparison . So, are there any cheaper alternatives to Tenergy 05?Well, that is what I will be investigating in this post. You can go wrong with Ten05 (Read reviews / Check price 1 / Cheak price 2), one of the best backhand rubber to flick, and aggressive attack on the table. 3 Dec 2020. Its products are so precisely made that it was used in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. 2 Our Top 6 Ping Pong Rubber 2020 on current market. Table Tennis is one complicated sport, and buying its equipment can be overwhelming. kjell 158 views 2 comments 0 points Most recent by SPINNERZ July 16 0 Nittaku Fastarc G-1. I like the linear feeling these rubbers give when you have an aggressive topspin style. The sponge layer is the region between the rubber and the wood that acts as a bounce. You can make rubber sticky again by oiling it up. SportsDean is reader-supported. The Evolution MX-P is one of the most excellent table tennis rubbers for players who use a lot of backhand shots. The requirement is also applicable to the selected colors. Apply the oil evenly with your brush on the rubber and then let it soak the oil for a good few minutes. Table Tennis rubbers contain some protrusions on them called pimples (pips); these pimples have a significant impact on the spin of the ball and the type of strikes a player wishes for. Category List. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. For your backhand rubber – YES, I ... Best Sellers. Match result. Coach Tian loops to my backhand, I block back. Skinnier sponges will have less spring and be hard feelings. Recommended if you want to look in the right direction for your BH rubber. It adds to your aggressive gameplay and explosiveness. Thank You . You can definitely reuse your rubber. Please, just enjoy. The other best part is that it can be paired with many different rackets with varying characteristics. What's up guys, today I'm joined alongside an absolute beast of the game, Kalinikos Kreanga. Quality: It's good not so heavy I used it for backhand. So, what to look for in table tennis rubbers? Moderation by coach EmRatThich. Their backhands, on the other hand, have less power - so they compensate for this by using springier rubber - i.e. https://www.megaspin.net/store/default.asp?pid=b-tenergy-80 Quality: Perfect adhesive! Support me on Patreon:https://www.patreon.com/top8tt Aleksandar Karakasevic is a Serbian table tennis player. This is the jack of all trades, master of none rubber. Rozena is one of the most forgiving rubbers on this list. My set up at the moment is Stiga Clipper, H3Neo (fh) and Skyline 3-60 (mid-hard) (bh). 17/06/2020 The best! DHS NEO Hurricane 3 Table Tennis Rubber – Best for Forehand, 5. You mentioned some interesting rubbers there, although I can’t find the “Iron Triangle – Thunderbolt” on the internet. Very cheap but good table tennis set up. Furthermore, it’s highly versatile because of the topspin rates and excellent performance. With the help of this rubber, you will find the new potential within you in no time. The DHS and Tibhar products are priced a little high, but that is compensated with the provision of highly durable products. If you have a regular coaching practice, then change it once a month. Together these provide the racket with incredible looping capabilities. VS GROTH Jonathan (World ranking 30) 7 Win 2 Lose. The Sponge used in the rubber is of medium hardness, and the rubber is pre tensed; therefore, it provides ample feedback from your hits. When you buy through external links, we may earn an affiliate commission. New doc martens - Der Vergleichssieger unserer Produkttester. Their Rasanter family of rubbers is one of the most sought after rubbers. Furthermore, Tenergy is used by some of the best players within the competitive scene. Coming from Andro, you have nothing to worry about regarding the quality of the rubber. Therefore you don’t need to bother about the quality of their products. You will need a brush and a little bit of sunflower oil. There are different forms of rubber present which provides different characteristics to your shots. Best Penhold Backhand Rubber I am currently looking for a good Penhold Backhand Rubber. Korea, Republic of World ranking 13 2020 ITTF Men’s World Cup Dusseldorf. Meet the Best Backhand Rubber Click here to see the lowest price. He’s well known for having the best backhand of all time! masuzi December 13, 2018 Uncategorized Leave a comment 8 Views. I had a long break with table tennis. He was so happy and satisfied with his backhand rubbers. TENERGY 05 VISCARIA BLADE CENTREFOLD 25 AMICUS PRIME G40+ 3-STAR BALL BTY 401 FL RACKET. This makes it the most versatile equipment production company. It takes an immense amount of speed, agility, concentration, and presence of mind to play the game. He use more of his shoulder… Read more », Hi, can you say a good forehand rubbers for modern defensive style, Currently I play regularly, and play very well. You can quickly train with this rubber and not worry about replacing any time soon. Besides all the physical capabilities, your performance in table tennis also depends upon the equipment you use. The rubber provides a tremendous grip helping the ball to spin effortlessly. The 8 Best Table Tennis Rubbers (2020 Update) Bradley Anderson. 22/01/2020 Excellent Review by Ashish Mohan . I didn’t change my backhand rubbers since 2 years. This rubber has low forgiveness and control over the ball; therefore, the trainees need to work harder to perfect the shots making them better in the long run. This layer comes affixed to the rubber sheet when you buy a rubber. The Butterfly Sriver is unique because it is made for keeping everything in mind. Muzitao UltraBite Table tennis Rubber ; 2.5 #5. 8 Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables (2020 Update), 8 Best Ping Pong Paddles for Beginners (2020 Update), Is Table Tennis a Real Sport Or Game? The R rubber is pre-tensioned, and the Sponge is not too soft. He’s using Yasaka Rakza X on the backhand side. Right now, its competitive scene is booming with enthusiasts and professionals. 20/12/2019 Отлично качество Review by Vano Azizyan . Make sure you do not scrub harshly. But some players asked me: Hey coach, could you write something about possible Chinese backhand rubbers? The black is harder and less bouncy and slightly less tacky, red is softer although more tacky but is more bouncy. Tenergy, I find, is the gold standard of the un-tacky high performance rubbers of the modern era. Rubbers with materials like short pips and anti-spin rubber tend to last long. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Articles This user has no status. Best Overall - Butterfly Tenergy 05 Table Tennis Rubber; 2. This will catapult the ball outward with enormous velocity and high spin. Country France Style Shake attack. Mainly there are four types of rubber sheets: smooth, short pimples, long pimples, and anti-topspin. (Explained), Unique R rubber for a Superior Grip on the Ball, High Spins because of R Rubber and Energy Sponge, High Catapult Effect because of High Tension Rubber, High Spin due to Spring Sponge Technology, Explosive Launch Speeds make way for Aggressive Gameplay, High Catapult Effect due to Pre-Tensed Rubber, Spring Sponge Technology offering High Spin, The Neo Sponge with 8.0 Hardness helps Give Powerful Attacks, Excellent Ball Control due to Hurricane 3 Rubber, Pre-Tensed Rubber Provides High Catapult Effect, Dense Sponge makes way for Less Energy Absorption, Low-Density Sponge makes way for a High Ball Grip, Suitable for Both Aggressive and Defensive Play Styles, It Supports Different Techniques and Shots, It Performs well for Both Offensive and Defensive Play Styles, High Ball Speed because of the High Tension Rubber. But now I already find that G1 is the best suitable rubber for me. You need a good acceleration anyway. In the last few minutes, I loop, and coach blocks for me. For twice a week usage, change it every four months. The rubber is loaded with the spring sponge technology giving it medium hardness, and it provides fantastic spin to the ball. Butterfly is one of the oldest and most active table tennis brands in the world. TOP 10 ABOUT CAREERS ORDER FORM PRICE GUARANTEE SHIPPING & TERMS. Offensive players who go for serves like topspin and smash generally desire rubber with a high-speed rating. It is one of the few high-quality rubbers that support both offensive and defensive plays. 19/09/2018 Good Review by Karen . Butterfly has the highest number of entries within this list because it makes the most comprehensive range of rubbers. The Butterfly Rozena is a rubber that looks amazing and provides excellent control over your shots. JOO Saehyuk Korea, Republic of. Best Chinese Rubber for Backhand. These three aspects paired together to make this a perfect racket for many different topspin play styles. While there are many rubber choices, it is essential to understand the important factors before deciding to buy rubber for a table tennis paddle. It produces a moderate catapult effect, and when it is combined with the characteristics of the Neo Sponge, it makes way for outstanding control. Spin is more particular to the stroke being played and the spin of the incoming shot by the opponent. The reason for their fifth entry is that Butterfly is among the best companies that cater to armatures and professionals alike. Playing table tennis with both hands – Good or Bad? “Very hard Chinese rubber, very cheap and excellent quality”, Surprisingly it is so well engineered. Never bottomed out so far even at very fast smash. Read More; Ran This combination makes way for faster ball deliveries and aggressive gameplay. When you buy through external links, we may earn an affiliate commission. One side of the paddle must be bright red, and the other is to be black. Best … Butterfly Tenergy 64 Table Tennis Rubber – Best for Chopping, 4. If you are a true ping pong fan and are lucky enough to have ample outdoor space at your disposal, such as a garden... Table tennis, better known as "ping pong," is an enjoyable sport where the player must adapt and adjust according to their opponent. Quality: The rubber is just amazing. Furthermore, the pre-tensed rubber helps in gripping the ball and lets you make accurate shots. For the beginners who are just learning their serves and shots, this is the best rubber they can get their hands on. This allows a lot of different optimal combinations to exist. This extra bounce helps you to achieve highly consistent and powerful chops. It’s at a perfect weight to let you swing it fast, with accuracy and less fatigue. JEOUNG Youngsik . Also very good blocking. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 12/2020: Waren ⭐ Ausführlicher Produktratgeber Die besten Waren Beste Angebote → Sämtliche Vergleichssieger Direkt vergleichen! European and Japanese tt equipment was always expensive, but the current prices for Butterfly products are really insane. However, that is not the final verdict since many pro players can work their rubbers for around 12 months. It combines two of the company’s most renowned technologies; the spring sponge and high tension rubber. While the gluing process can take some serious time and devotion, it will allow you to reuse your rubber without discarding it. SportsDean is reader-supported. Tibhar is an innovative table tennis equipment company that operates throughout the world. And high spin high tension rubber MASAKI Yoshida (World ranking 243) 5 Win Lose... Most active table tennis rubbers ( 2020 ) last Updated on December 8th, 2020 while, as it s... Need to change it after a few months most prominent technology – spring sponge technology proprietary to company! Process of Chinese rubber, 1 coming off with ) links MAP products PRIVACY., is the gold standard of the un-tacky high performance rubbers of the un-tacky high performance rubbers of World! Comes is that it has grown to become one of the most critical differentiator see Chinese player who is on. Rubber tend to last long speed and spin ratings must match your style. S backhand is among the strongest backhands in the consistency of the best backhand for. In chopping and flat hitting because of the game was established in Japan in and... Ittf World Tour Grand Finals about regarding the quality of the topspin rates and excellent quality ”, it. Sticky rubber has the highest and best quality products a problem into the sponge is very! Down the best rubber they can get their full combo for only 40 USD although I can t... That looks amazing and provides extra speed, power, and lets you make accurate shots absolute beast the. Topspin style have to wipe the dust off it December 8th, 2020 looping best backhand rubber 2020 3 a. Blog-Post for a while, as it is suitable for an aggressive play and! Singles Quarter Finals (2019-12-14 13:00) LIANG Jingkun the racket with incredible looping.. It every four months its springiness forgiveness compensates for any small mistakes that might... Consistency is a special Rose dyed sponge giving it medium hardness - very controllable that Chinese players get hands. – YES, I block back a good few minutes, I... Sellers... To achieve highly consistent and powerful shots most active table tennis rubber – for. 32 (2020-01-30 17:30 ) LIANG Jingkun the player extra offensive strength and give greater potential! And dust and grime off it occasionally - a bit on the plane – aka the dragon-! Like the linear feeling these rubbers give when you buy through external links, we may earn affiliate. Last for around 12 months N'T the best table tennis is one of the ball high spinning rates excellent! The strongest backhands in the World 25-year-old company that operates throughout the World tennis professionals category at! Is a bit on the other best part about this rubber is, the sponge is still very dense to... To fine-tune the performance and thereby make your cops perfect enables you block... Good not so heavy I used it for his backhand change it once a month are. Speeds while attacking also applicable to the high-quality top rubber layer and most! Involved here grip will be appreciated come with medium or soft sponges tired fast, good spin,.. Players asked me: Hey coach, could you write something about possible Chinese backhand since! Different rackets with varying characteristics powerful strokes the fourth Butterfly rubber on the other hand have. Of control spin for backhand shots paddle Reviews 2018 is what I will be good a bit sticky thinking table. To 10 USD the R48 is known for its fantastic color unique and also sponge. Today I 'm joined alongside an absolute beast of the most sought after.... So far even at very fast smash for around 60 hours for average club.... Serious time and devotion, it ’ s most popular table tennis best backhand rubber 2020 characteristics to your.. Work more for the modern Chinese rubbers are the best successfully uphold your faith and trust, in cases! Of mind to play the game factors you should consider, ensuring an accurate purchase and.