New international tournament for dressage equestrian amateurs

For many years, there have been amateur tournaments in show jumping and with focus on the joy that these tournaments have led to, Almased Wellness and Helgtrand&Trabjerg have now chosen to join together to create the first amateur tournament for dressage equestrians; Almased Dressage Amateurs.

- We have decided to create an equivalent of the great show jumping tournaments for amateurs in order to give dressage equestrians the same opportunity to participate at the big tournaments as well. We are sure that the participants will have an extraordinary experience when they are having the opportunity to participate in the same top professional surroundings as some of the world's best dressage equestrians, says the founder of Equitour Aalborg and former national coach of show jumping, Jens Trabjerg.

- We are incredibly proud that Almased Wellness has chosen to support the project. We think, that Almased Dressage Amateurs is a great initiative to help dressage equestrians on their way to an international career. The tournament can help to clarify the rider's level before seriously relying on an international career in the dressage sport. At the same time, we think that the locations for the tournament mean that more people from the north can test their current level without having to invest a lot of money in transport. International dressage competitions have so far been for a limited group of people, but we want to change that, adds Jens Trabjerg.

Almased Wellness is a German company that has developed products for the health of humans - products that has achieved great success throughout the world.

- It has always been part of our company policy to support sports both locally and internationally. We have developed health products that many athletes use, so when the chance offered to support the first dressage tournament for amateurs, there was no doubt that this project was within our area of interest and thus a natural way to support our business, says Anette Witthöft from Almased Wellness.

About Almased Dressage Amateurs

Almased Dressage Amateurs is a new international dressage tournament for amateurs organised by Helgstrand&Trabjerg and presented by Almased Wellness. In 2018, the tournament will take place at four shows; Deutsches Spring- und Dressur-Derby (9-13 May), Pfingstturnier Wiesbaden (18-21 May), Equitour Aalborg (23-27 May) and World Cup Herning (17-21 October).

Allowed to participate in the tournament are dressage equestrians at the age of 26 or older who are not on FEI's world ranking list. The tournament is limited to 24 equestrians for each show, and each rider must bring up to 3 horses.

The tournament is divided by level into the following categories: - Bronze tour: Prix St. Georges and Intermediate I - Silver tour: Intermediate I and Intermediate II - Gold tour: Intermediate II and Grand Prix.

For questions

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact the show organiser, Jens Trabjerg, at tel. +45 40 25 49 86 or mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The attached pictures are from Equitour Aalborg 2017 and are free for commercial use.


This weekend, the very first Almased Dressage Amateurs competitions were hosted by Deutsches Spring- und Dressur- Derby in Hamburg. It was a great success, and the owner behind Almased, André Trouillé, was pleased with the event. “I really liked the premiere here in Hamburg”. The Almased Dressage Amateurs is an international dressage tournament for amateurs, which has been conducted for the very first time here in Hamburg. “The idea of this tournament came to me when I was in Wellington. Over there, you will find competitions for riders with world ranking points, but also extra competitions for amateurs”, Trouillé describes. “I find it a nice thought. In that way, the amateurs get more opportunities, which raises the entertainment”. The audience at the show in Hamburg were also very excited about the Almased Dressage Amateurs. “there were many people there to see the competitions. Where else do the amateurs riders get to have so much audience?”.

The Almased Dressage Amateurs tournament is divided in three categories - Bronze, Silver- and Gold- tour. The two competitions in the Bronze-tour were won by Anne Lehmann with horse Don Juan and Christina Lebens with horse Fantango OLD. In the Silver-tour Andrina Viebrock won both days with her horse Quibell. In the Gold-tour Anke Dieckell won one competition with horse Donaldson OLD and Louisa Lüttgen won the other with horse Diva Noir.



This weekend the Almased Dressage Amateurs took place at the 2018 Equitour Aalborg in the Northern part of Denmark and not only the weather was amazing, also all the participants did a great job.

The Almased Dressage Amateurs was held at Helgstrand Dressage' facilities in Vodskov, Aalborg and the riders just found the surroundings perfect for the competition and thus the atmosphere have been terrific all days.

On the first day on Thursday Kathrine Lindboeg Lang from Denmark took the lead with Onassis in the Röwer & Rub Arena in the bronze tour followed up by Andrina Viebrock, who won the gold tour with Quibelle 2 from Switzerland. Andrina was also very successful at the show in Hamburg winning both gold competitions.

In the second part on Friday the bronze tour was won by Rikke Dupont and Fritzeck 2 from Denmark and once again Andrina Viebrock and Quibelle 2 from Switzerland won the gold tour.

In total 14 combinations were present in the Almased Dressage Amateurs and all riders were very overwhelmed by the show ground and how everything just went on so smooth. Many of the riders have been enjoying the time seeing many of the other international show classes as well.

The show organiser at Equitour Aalborg was very satisfied having the first international dressage tournament for amateurs and knowing that all riders want to join the tournament next year also, makes us very proud. - We are very pleased with the ADA in Equitour, the riders were happy and we are glad to be a part of the tournament. This has been a good opportunity for the riders and nice experience. We wish to be a part of the tournament in the future and help develop it to be bigger and greater, says show organiser Jens Trabjerg.

Prize giving in the Almased Gold Tour on Friday May 25th.

The premiere of the Almased Dressage Amateurs in Wiesbaden was a full success – with a 'shy' start.

„At the beginning the entries came slowly, riders didn't really know what to think about this new series“, explains Isabelle Kettner, who is in charge of the dressage competitions at the International Wiesbadener PfingstTurnier. „But the nearer the PfingstTurnier got, the more entries came.“ Very shortly before the PfingstTurnier started, the German federation asked the Wiesbadener Reit- und Fahr-Club to organize the first qualification for the Dressage Children for the European Championship. „So we had to change the timetable a little bit what made it impossible for one of the ADA-starters to come“, tells Kettner, „of course, we reimbursed the starting fee.“

In the end: The riders of the ADA Wiesbaden were overwhelmed by the arena, the atmosphere and the marvellous location in front of the castle. Louisa Lüttgen and Antje Hell, who both started in the Gold Tour, emphasized, how much they enjoyed every moment of the show and the chance to be part of it. Absolutely happy and proud was also the winner of the Bronze Tour, Katharina Stumpf from Austria. She loved her experience at the ADA in Wiesbaden for every minute.

The first round for all ADA-riders took place on Thursday afternoon, the second round for the Bronze Tour-riders was on Friday while the second round for the Silver and Gold Tour-riders was on Sunday evening – directly before the traditionel freestyle with floodlight, which is one of the spectator's highlight every year.

The riders used the time in between to watch the international dressage riders in the Grand Prix Freesteyle-Tour as well as in the Grand Prix Special-Tour, the international jumping and eventing competitions and quite a few of them also enjoyed watching the spectacular Vaulting athlets in front of the castle. A multiple choice of watching other disciplines they definitely don't have at any other show.

If there is something new in the sport, especially in dressage sport, people are usually sceptical. So were the international group of judges in Wiesbaden. After the six ADA-competitions they were pleased that the sport they have judged was serious dressage sport with fine riding. „We are very sure that we would have a lot more demand of the ADA starting places next year“, says Kettner. The contract between the ADA and the Internationalen Wiesbadener PfingstTurnier has only been for one year to start, but Kettner is positive that the cooperation might go on. „Many riders wanted to watch the premiere before being part of it, but after they have seen it and the feedback was gorgeous they will surely be there next year. For all of them who already had the courage this year – and I know you need some courage to ride in front of that crowd, with the international atmosphere and that impressive scenery – for all of them it was a marvellous experience and fantastic sport adventure.“

This past week the 2018 CDI Leudelange took place on the grounds of Écuriés des près from family Sunnen and it was indeed a dressage festival of the superlatives. This was the first CDI on a 4* level in Luxembourg and the people behind have done an amazing job to welcome the 175 horses and their riders for the more than 30 competitions, which were on the program.

Specially the amateurs have been in focus according to the head of the CDI4* for a very special reason:

“Apart from the Children’s class we will have every classification imaginable – up to the new tour for amateurs” Christof Umbach, head of the CDI4* from the executing Riders Club Luxembourg, explains. The highly-requested dressage judge and trainer cares especially about the last entries of the amateurs: “Our sport depends on the amateurs. Therefore, we have to do something very special for them.” 

With free entry and a full program lots of people including onlookers from the local area stopped by to join the dressage festival. All things considered it was a fantastic competition week with sunny weather, perfect show ground and a great atmosphere among the spectators all days.

Here are the results of the Almased tournament tours:

Bronze Tour 1 - PSG:

1. Simone Lunding-Hoppe/Heimdals Champ 70,5 % (Denmark)
2. Katharina Stumpf/For My Love 69,3 % (Austria)
3. Caroline Palsgaard/Findus B. 68,4 % (Denmark)  

Bronze Tour 2 – Intermediare I:

1. Katharina Stumpf/For My Love 68,6 % (Austria)
2. Jutta Bitsch/Ferrari 109 67,2 % (Germany)
3. Caroline Palsgaard/Findus B. 66,1 % (Denmark)  

Silver Tour 1 – intermediare A:

1. Uta Grosserichter/Diorisimmo 65,5 % (Germany)
2. Petra Ebert-Amberger/St. Marino 63,9 % (Germany)
3. Gaston Chelius/Fuchur 62,9 % (Luxembourg)  

Silver Tour 2 - intermediare II:

1. Uta Grosserichter/Diorisimmo 63,5 % (Germany)
2. Anni Rossy/Chili Bang Bang 63,3 % (Luxembourg)
3. Gaston Chelius/Fuchur 59,4 % (Luxembourg)    

Gold Tour 1 - intermediare II:

1. Patricia Koschel/Leuchtfeuer de 65,8 % (Germany)
2. Patrice Mourruau/Don Tignanello 59,4 % (France)   

Gold Tour 2 – Grand Prix:

1. Patricia Koschel/Leuchtfeuer de 66,8 % (Germany)
2. Patrice Mourruau/Don Tignanello 59,7 % (France) 

This is the second last part of the Almased Dressage Amateurs tournament this year.