Dressage Masters Luxembourg a dressage festival of the superlatives

This past week the 2018 CDI Leudelange took place on the grounds of Écuriés des près from family Sunnen and it was indeed a dressage festival of the superlatives. This was the first CDI on a 4* level in Luxembourg and the people behind have done an amazing job to welcome the 175 horses and their riders for the more than 30 competitions, which were on the program.

Specially the amateurs have been in focus according to the head of the CDI4* for a very special reason:

“Apart from the Children’s class we will have every classification imaginable – up to the new tour for amateurs” Christof Umbach, head of the CDI4* from the executing Riders Club Luxembourg, explains. The highly-requested dressage judge and trainer cares especially about the last entries of the amateurs: “Our sport depends on the amateurs. Therefore, we have to do something very special for them.” 

With free entry and a full program lots of people including onlookers from the local area stopped by to join the dressage festival. All things considered it was a fantastic competition week with sunny weather, perfect show ground and a great atmosphere among the spectators all days.

Here are the results of the Almased tournament tours:

Bronze Tour 1 - PSG:

1. Simone Lunding-Hoppe/Heimdals Champ 70,5 % (Denmark)
2. Katharina Stumpf/For My Love 69,3 % (Austria)
3. Caroline Palsgaard/Findus B. 68,4 % (Denmark)  

Bronze Tour 2 – Intermediare I:

1. Katharina Stumpf/For My Love 68,6 % (Austria)
2. Jutta Bitsch/Ferrari 109 67,2 % (Germany)
3. Caroline Palsgaard/Findus B. 66,1 % (Denmark)  

Silver Tour 1 – intermediare A:

1. Uta Grosserichter/Diorisimmo 65,5 % (Germany)
2. Petra Ebert-Amberger/St. Marino 63,9 % (Germany)
3. Gaston Chelius/Fuchur 62,9 % (Luxembourg)  

Silver Tour 2 - intermediare II:

1. Uta Grosserichter/Diorisimmo 63,5 % (Germany)
2. Anni Rossy/Chili Bang Bang 63,3 % (Luxembourg)
3. Gaston Chelius/Fuchur 59,4 % (Luxembourg)    

Gold Tour 1 - intermediare II:

1. Patricia Koschel/Leuchtfeuer de 65,8 % (Germany)
2. Patrice Mourruau/Don Tignanello 59,4 % (France)   

Gold Tour 2 – Grand Prix:

1. Patricia Koschel/Leuchtfeuer de 66,8 % (Germany)
2. Patrice Mourruau/Don Tignanello 59,7 % (France) 

This is the second last part of the Almased Dressage Amateurs tournament this year.