Full success in Wiesbaden

The premiere of the Almased Dressage Amateurs in Wiesbaden was a full success – with a 'shy' start.

„At the beginning the entries came slowly, riders didn't really know what to think about this new series“, explains Isabelle Kettner, who is in charge of the dressage competitions at the International Wiesbadener PfingstTurnier. „But the nearer the PfingstTurnier got, the more entries came.“ Very shortly before the PfingstTurnier started, the German federation asked the Wiesbadener Reit- und Fahr-Club to organize the first qualification for the Dressage Children for the European Championship. „So we had to change the timetable a little bit what made it impossible for one of the ADA-starters to come“, tells Kettner, „of course, we reimbursed the starting fee.“

In the end: The riders of the ADA Wiesbaden were overwhelmed by the arena, the atmosphere and the marvellous location in front of the castle. Louisa Lüttgen and Antje Hell, who both started in the Gold Tour, emphasized, how much they enjoyed every moment of the show and the chance to be part of it. Absolutely happy and proud was also the winner of the Bronze Tour, Katharina Stumpf from Austria. She loved her experience at the ADA in Wiesbaden for every minute.

The first round for all ADA-riders took place on Thursday afternoon, the second round for the Bronze Tour-riders was on Friday while the second round for the Silver and Gold Tour-riders was on Sunday evening – directly before the traditionel freestyle with floodlight, which is one of the spectator's highlight every year.

The riders used the time in between to watch the international dressage riders in the Grand Prix Freesteyle-Tour as well as in the Grand Prix Special-Tour, the international jumping and eventing competitions and quite a few of them also enjoyed watching the spectacular Vaulting athlets in front of the castle. A multiple choice of watching other disciplines they definitely don't have at any other show.

If there is something new in the sport, especially in dressage sport, people are usually sceptical. So were the international group of judges in Wiesbaden. After the six ADA-competitions they were pleased that the sport they have judged was serious dressage sport with fine riding. „We are very sure that we would have a lot more demand of the ADA starting places next year“, says Kettner. The contract between the ADA and the Internationalen Wiesbadener PfingstTurnier has only been for one year to start, but Kettner is positive that the cooperation might go on. „Many riders wanted to watch the premiere before being part of it, but after they have seen it and the feedback was gorgeous they will surely be there next year. For all of them who already had the courage this year – and I know you need some courage to ride in front of that crowd, with the international atmosphere and that impressive scenery – for all of them it was a marvellous experience and fantastic sport adventure.“