Premiere in Hamburg great succes

This weekend, the very first Almased Dressage Amateurs competitions were hosted by Deutsches Spring- und Dressur- Derby in Hamburg. It was a great success, and the owner behind Almased, André Trouillé, was pleased with the event. “I really liked the premiere here in Hamburg”. The Almased Dressage Amateurs is an international dressage tournament for amateurs, which has been conducted for the very first time here in Hamburg. “The idea of this tournament came to me when I was in Wellington. Over there, you will find competitions for riders with world ranking points, but also extra competitions for amateurs”, Trouillé describes. “I find it a nice thought. In that way, the amateurs get more opportunities, which raises the entertainment”. The audience at the show in Hamburg were also very excited about the Almased Dressage Amateurs. “there were many people there to see the competitions. Where else do the amateurs riders get to have so much audience?”.

The Almased Dressage Amateurs tournament is divided in three categories - Bronze, Silver- and Gold- tour. The two competitions in the Bronze-tour were won by Anne Lehmann with horse Don Juan and Christina Lebens with horse Fantango OLD. In the Silver-tour Andrina Viebrock won both days with her horse Quibell. In the Gold-tour Anke Dieckell won one competition with horse Donaldson OLD and Louisa Lüttgen won the other with horse Diva Noir.