They’re sometimes referred to as gray Doberman. With the addition of the dilute gene in our thinking, Doberman coat color becomes more complex. Amen to that. Sorry this is late, did not mean to ignore you. MONEY. In the last year I registered him as ESA, that way I never had to deal with apartments telling me they wont renew my lease bc they believe my dog is a Doberman. He is very smart and attentive. As a result, this color variety of the Dobe has been unofficially called the gray Doberman as well. For example, if the white gene in a tiger provided resistance to any given cat disease, then breeding white tigers could potentially endow the species with a ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card in the future. I have owned a white puppy because my red female and black and tan male made 4 white puppies. Do not purchase a Doberman that is colored ‘white’ or that has any white relatives in their bloodline. Is this a serious post? I think its hilarious that everyone continues to blame the Cream/white Doberman on inbreeding . We are experienced Doberman owners. Marga……what state are you in? Over the last 15 yrs it has become common to see oversize dobes (height as well as weight). It caught my attention because I actually own 2 blue dobies. Take for example the Bullmastiff. He is a wonderful family dog.. His only health issue is that he’s had runny eyes (nothing major) since he was a pup. So smart and loves attention. While the above person’s grammar and spelling IS rather poor, the words being spoken are not stupid, but true. It is seen as inhumane to the dog due to the potential for serious health concerns. Your comment is awaiting moderation. Hey Sarah, do you know of a good breeder or where I would have the best chance of finding a white? only the “white” doberman will have health issues but PLZ fix your dog and do not breed it. They love you! It was so horrible, but she was always such a love bug and anyone that met her loved and adored our dobe. The winner as expected was the black & tan color with 62% of the votes, with the reds in second place with 24%. think of it as thanksgiving dinner if you will. I was considering getting a Doberman as a second large breed. Our last shepherd Sebastian was so depressed he wouldn’t eat and hid in the corner. Our Emma and Bella were each 1 year old rescues within the family because of first health problems and later job transfer of the original owner. Now some breeders have been trying to fix the problem by crossing the white with fawn to keep the light color but extend the gen pool, this is helping the problem a lot. yes the whites are known to have health issues, the blacks seem ok and are rarely found anyway. There’s this awesome thing called Google, use it, and don’t just click on the first thing you see and read it. Who knows what condition she would have been in had we not come along. Heterozygous means there is one of each, ie, Bb, Dd. … douchbag. The breeding of the albino Doberman is disgusting and anyone who supports this interbreeding is also disgusting! I’ve volunteer edo at ASPCAS and many of those dogs have serious physical and emotional issues. She was our next to last Doberman and miss all of them so much. I am concerned that our rather flawed, poorly evidence-based opinions may rob us of the pleasure of some lovely animals. it seems like common sense that you should never ever breed a white doberman ! I’ve seen others similarly sized. Boy did they whine! Regardless of anything else – it is a well documented FACT that these white “Dobermans” are predestined for medical and/or mental issues at a shockingly high percentage compared to all other colors. She’s 11 now, and still going strong. Isn’t that enough ?. Use it or loose it. Also, consumers and dog lovers need to be educated about the health concerns of these dogs. Devastated, hurting, searching to find yet another Dobie for us. Fact is all Doberman are awsome. -Thanks. My uncle had a albino doberman for 15 years and was the best dog ever. Thanks so much! My uncle was swept up in the trend 13 years ago and paid twice the money when he adopted a white doberman. They are partial albino and not should be bread. But it did the trick. They have been in the breed since the beginning just no one tried to register one till 1976. Also known as color mutant alopecia or blue doberman syndrome, this inherited disease is a result of a recessive gene that causes hair shafts to break along with overall stunted hair growth. This article forgot to mention that not long ago, the “fawn” and “blue” Doberman pups were culled (Killed) at birth. I have raised Black and Tan, Red and Tan, Blue and Cream and Tan. I have a fawn and he’s the best thing in my life. So if you breed your dog again, you have 25% chance of every pup to be white, and 75% chance to black. But health problems or no, like I said he is my baby, I love him sooo much and I wouldnt trade him for the world. You are wrong, recent, proper scientific research is showing the opposite: Dogs neutered or spayed at any age were at significantly increased risk for developing mast cell cancer, lymphoma, all other cancers, all cancers combined, and fear of storms, compared with intact dogs. When he started to try to walk she was right there to make sure he didn’t fall wrong or to hard. albinos have pink eyes. the cause is called interbreeding. That means a very shallow gene pool to start out with. In the past I had 2 German Shepperd, but after my first blue doberman all my family totally fall in love in this breed and couldn’t imagine our home without doberman. I have to disagree about additional health problems with the white/cream. just because you think they look cute does not mean that the dog is comfortable when his health problems persist and flair up . Dilutes are a financial commitment that some people just don’t realize, and that’s why you see so many on Craigslist and rescue groups. I met a lady who worked in their processing plant and she told me what I was curious about in terms of what is in the dog food. a colored or non colored dogs are only going to be as well behaved as the owners. White tigers are very beautiful creatures as are white lions and both occur and survive naturalistically in nature. if they POP up, that’s one thing… but don’t be an irresponsible breeder and try for a dog that will diminish the breed standard. Ppl who breed these animals are only concerned about earning $$ and not the animals. I am getting ready to buy the only black and rust puppy from an all white litter. Beautifully said. Please do not spay or neuter your pets. Health issues are rampant in dobes. Killing white pups at birth doesn’t remove the z factor from the line, which is clearly evident. Including Reseda,Hesperia,Tracy,Bakersfield,San Jose,Carmichael. Some have went on to shows. which makes them VERY smart. It’s common knowledge that these white Dobermans tend to have health problems and behavioral issues. Wow, great to hear. How much pain is tolerated so someone can have a “cool” looking dog? Especially when they may need more medical care. I went to the store and bought an at home UTI kit and tested her myself, I called the vet and after urine analysis it was confirmed. And Marcela Rodriguez, you might want to try fish oil and get your blue in to see a vet and or a dermatologist quickly to try and help his coat. Brian, The white coloring of a Doberman IS the result of a genetic mutation. This can lead to aggressive behavior, like fear biting. The white doberman is obedient and beautiful also good with my children. Today an incredibly regal and majestic dog. Also favorite Doberman color reader poll. They each had the same personality characteristics, that we all hold in such high regards as their “acceptable” colored cousins. We have a red Doberman at PAWS in Tinley Park, Illinois. All four allowed colors of the Doberman are eligible to compete for Championship points in AKC Conformation. . Like many Dobermans, they’ll have tan markings around the ears, muzzle, chest, legs, bottom, eyebrows and under the tail. Cause I promise not everyone loves your children. Hailing from Germany, the Doberman Pinscher is an iconic dog breed known for having both the brains and brawn. This is a difficult question as it is not really possible to tell whether a purebred white tiger has/has not any particular advantage genetically over a normal coloured tiger. They have so many health issues. Personally I think the standard colors are quite beautiful but then I’m a bit biased as my “Princess” is a red. First one I’ve seen. We rescued him when he was 2 years old and it’s a good thing we didn’t take to heart all the negative comments people write about them. And that is across all colours. Please spay or neuter your pets. In actuality, the color looks like a charcoal gray, silver with a hint of purple. These dogs were never tracked nor were their litters. And health concerns of white Dobermans. He was badly abused so we know its going to be a long road. I do have a serious issue with destroying White Doberman pups at birth. Had the test shown anything suspicious, the next step would have been a holtor test. Your dobe at 140 lbs is either overweight or oversize. My Shepherd has no problems with my Mini Pin. Blue Doberman (AKA Gray or Silver) Where the Fawn Doberman above is a dilute breed of the red/brown; the Blue Doberman is a dilution of the black (and tan/brown). I like any dog without its ears cut off. and this was n the warly 80’s. White dobermans can be sickly or healthy as can ANY other dog. He couldn’t handle the loss of his pack. While they may appear striking they have skin problems and are prone to sun burn. standing up for the standard is what keeps our dobes as wonderful as they are… furthering a trait that isn’t considered “correct” (yeah … if you love them its correct) then you might as well cross that awesome dobe with that great confirmation intelligence and temperament with a mutt. Is the concept of good breeding practices really so difficult to comprehend? As for good foods there are so many nowadays. However, when we look at the longevity of, say, albino rabbits, guinea pigs, pigeons and budgies, we can realistically say that being white in itself is not fatal to a species. This poor puppy has already been through so much and I truly believe that is was brought on by improper breeding. These Dobermans actually do have health probs there white coat shouldn’t be exposed to sun I had a white dobee before. Still, breeding is needed for that so the idiot you replied to is, in fact, an idiot. They tried the Bulldogge (the original, not the chunky lil chap with respiratory problems that people are ga-ga over today); Too vicious: tore the poachers to shreds before they could hang them as an example. plus i have always wanted a bigger dog that i could run around and play with in the back yard. I am sad to know that it is highly likely she will not live as long as some of your dobies. My husband and I are both retired. She was urinating a lot more than the Golden Doodle we purchased at the same time. The dilutes, fawns and blues, had been shunned for many years as inferior and lesser dogs due to misconceptions that they were less healthy. I grew up with black and tan dobermans from the age of 3, I now have a beautiful fawn and tan called Senya who literally stops traffic! He was only 4 and a half years when cancer disabled him. His name was DINO. We have had dobermans for 20 yrs . “Responsible” pet owners do what is best for loved pet. Find Shih Tzu Breeders close to you in California using our searchable directory. last but not least Doberman’s have one flaw THEY DON’T LIVE FOREVER. Hey I do not breed dobermans but my neighbor does… I have researched the breed to the highest of levels cause I could not understand y she was hoping for a blue or white… Well we both share 7 acers and have one fence around the entire property… I breed wolf hybrids been doing so since I moved she breeds dobies and her brother breeds pitbulls. A Cream/white Doberman has light brown pigment to the hair, Light pigment to the skin and blue eyes. Smh . My oldest Cream/white is almost 12. That being said, the Doberman Pinscher only has 4 official standard colors as set by the American Kennel Club. Although I’m sure your dobie is beautiful, white and has a wonderful disposition, that’s not the point. Oversize in both the US and in Europe. I hope you found yourself another Doberman love. Hey, I was wondering if they had insurance for pets, where could I purchase the insurance? California is far away. If you regularly have visitors over to the house, this should do. As a small comment, white is beautiful, in addition to being a soul and as we want them, they accept us as we are. A second question- I am single with no kids, if I get married and have kids, how is the Doberman’s temperment with learning to live with more people after probably a few years with just me? I have taken in many dogs that were not purebred and wonderful animals. In most mammals (including humans) true albinos have pink eyes because they have no pigment at all. These cream, or as some say white ones, were first documented in the 1920’s as being a ‘dirty or apricot’ color. Fact is that there are still breeders that destroy blues and Isabellas and reds, because they are from mutated genes. They are not genetic Mutations that should be culled at birth. But most of them will. I recommend anyone buying a White Doberman to search for AKC registered dogs. Doctors say it is very possible that nothing has spread and the treatment really isn’t going to add that much time for the cost and has no real guarantee. I got him from a champion breeder and was hoping for a lot longer life with him. Breeding white dobermans is like defecating in your own gene pool. Also when you see a wonderfully behaved dobe in public, ask the owner what breeder it’s from. As long as you do,that’s all that matters. Alert. These Doberman Pinschers will have a slick black coat with tan highlights or markings near and around the face (muzzle), ears, eyebrows, legs, chest and sometimes below the tail. It is more of a gray color that can appear to be blue, however, the blue comes from a recessive diluted gene that both parents must have in … (Unless of course you live on Mars, and I do take that as a serious possibility.) THE WHITES NEVER HAD ANY ISSUES WITH BAD SKIN OR EYESIGHT OR HEARING! The blue Doberman is recognised by the AKC, but not by most of the European standards and is avoided by most breeders for just this reason. 4) Pay better attention to grammar, spelling and typing skills. Much like the blue and fawn, these special-colored dogs carry the recessive dilute genes. She has a perfect Doberman physique and is unbelievably sweet and kind. Are you still looking for a rescue? Met her yesterday. Spayed females had 6.5 times higher incidence of all cancers combined compared to intact females, and neutered males had 3.6 times higher incidence than intact males. The male dog is very intelligent, very loving and affectionate, and riddled with unfixable health problems. This is natural. These are black Dobermans without the usual rust color markings. Deduction is usual $100 – $200, and your reimbursement 80% of your bill. And the long haired dachshund at the pet store. What are the health risks for a red pup from a red dad and albino mother? i guess im d only one in the philippines dat owns a white i have been breeding red,blue,isabella and black the thing is..if u breed an isabella with a red rust”my red rust’s mom is also an isabella” a white dobe might come out….which happened to me..”they r not even relatives!’ white dobbie now is 7 yrs old..hes got no defects at all…hes got 2 balls,perfect eyesight..both eyes tested…no hearing defect..very clean stomach,very nice coat..his coat is a lil rough..not the usual ones dat is very flat on d skin, i did a stress test for him and he passed.. my other dobes r mad with cats ‘most dogs i guess” hehe but my white dobbie is friendly even with my hamster..:D i also have a cat and he goes along good with her…my other dobbies dont…, i seriously cannot consider him a he can do what my other dobes can…HE IS BETTER actually..temperament wise..i can say my dobbie isnt as troubleome as my other “normal”colored dobes..not agressive..its like i own a shihtzu hahaha..:D:D, I’d never say to ‘put down’ a doberman that is born with the defect of being ‘white’ but this dog must be spayed or neutered as soon as possible and never bred. I will say that a lot of white ones end up out there for rescue or adoption. I am concerned that our rather flawed, poorly evidence-based opinions may rob us of the pleasure of some lovely animals. Though some are pure classic white, others have a cream white color instead. North. That being said, they’re also not ethical to breed, as they can develop health issues just like any of the other melanistic Dobermans. I had never seen a white Doberman before, so I wanted to look them up. When my last child was born you would have thought he was her puppy. Also…. Every pedigree dog has been interbred at its early stage in history to obtain the desired looks etc that are required from it. Cleo.guarded the children from day one and would stop my wife from crossing any road diagonally it was 90 degrees or Cleo would lean on the pram or pushchair so my wife had to follow Cleo’s wishes! If an animal lacks pigment in one part of his body (like fur) and not in another (like eyes) it’s attributed to another genetic abnormality. They are not standard. What a bunch of self- flattering snobbery, 1). This color is still very new. I love him so much. Until scientific research is done to prove they are albinoid, you all have no right to bicker like children about a dog. It doesn’t get much better than that!!! But he was gentle as could be around them. The reason for the “blue-ish” color is because they’ve inherited copies of the dilute recessive gene. My heart goes out to you and all who have had to deal with the lost of a good dog. Maybe you shudnt even own a dog if you feel they’re , how do I put this, um.. “stuoid”. When we took the bandage off to dress the wound again, it was gone! I’m a little confused about the info on your site though because from all the research I’ve done, melenastic’s (all black Doberman) do not have health problems like the white Dobie’s do. Pitties and Pit X's often have coat problems if they are blue or fawn--we see many at the clinic where I work--ditto for Italian Greyhounds. Potassium is the link between the brain and all the organs not just in dogs but in people as well. And I say albino because it is not a colour it is the complete opposite a lack of colour I would never entertain a breeder of the albino Doberman and those breeders who describe the dog as rare and desirable are idiots that have no interest in healthy dogs just lining their pockets it makes me feel sick. Turns out she has a heart murmur. Don’t worry, there isn’t any problem with this. A solid blue Doberman may be even more rare than a solid black Doberman. Some careless and or unprofessional breeders will breed for these colors and market them as “exclusive” or “rare” dogs for the sake of profit. These are just second examples of blue and rust, red and rust, and fawn and rust, respectively. .hide-if-no-js { So what if it was, so what if all breeds came about that way? She’s very sweet and affectionate about 6 month old. PS, I don’t own a white Dobe but rather a Cockerpoo! It is a FACT they are prone to way more health problems than the other color variations. Yeaaaah. I have rescued many homeless dogs , but I will always own a doberman too. Either way, they’re classified as white Doberman Pinschers. Having nearly 50 years experience with this breed, the one thing to keep in mind is there are known issues which even many who have absolute whites are not aware of and have no understanding of why their dog behaves or reacts certain way. In my opinion if yo decide to breed the it should be a “z” to a “non-z” this is just me and i know that somebody will chew me out behind it but “we” all humans come from 2 people. No comparison to white Dobermans, which are albinos. It’s easier to do research than you think. Black and red coats are traditionally the "image" of the Doberman. I will do all that I can to keep her healthy and enjoy her life, but I encourage anyone who wants to get a Doberman to do the research not on just the breed but also the breeders. Be a RESPONSBLE pet owner if your love your fur baby. common sense be damned. Mutt dogs and shelter dogs can have very unpredictable behavior problems. A blue Doberman’s coat color is due to a gene that hinders total pigmentation and dilutes it. The fawn coloration is the least common, occurring only when both the color and dilution genes have two recessive alleles (i.e., bbdd). America could be the same way if we stop putting the so called “rights” of animal abusers above the health and safety of animals. I currently have two dogs: a purebred red nose pitbull male and a chocolate brindle female pit lab mix. Okay , all of a sudden white/partial albino have popped up and Oh My God it must be a new line of dobs? I can honestly say even thou pitbulls have a bad rep I have no problems with the pitbulls now the dobies I have a major problems with…her dobie attacks my cat and had my kid by the throat I know not all dobies are this way and I still love all dogs but if she was to have a white dobie that was inbreed somehow it highers the risk for innocent people to get hurt… I agree with people who say its not the dogs fault its the owner cause it is but I do not agree with the whole thing that if God made it it should be here God did not tell someone to make inbreed dobies. She sees the vet for her yearly stuff. thanks. PLEASE do research before you try to spout nonsense. What do you do for a dog with a heart murmur? As far as someone disposing of a White Dobe, that wrong. i currently own 3 whites (spayed/neutered) and couldnt be more pleased. Doberman Colors, Doberman Genetics, Doberman White. its not that they are bad dogs… yall need to get off your high horses… just understand that as far as breed standard is concerned they are frowned upon… everyone is taking offense to that… why? 2. Just be responsible and don’t breed it like the owners of the two dogs that made your little bundle of joy. She has not health or behavior issues. That’s the main goal of AKC, UKC, CKC and any other kennel clubs. They are beautiful amazing dogs!! I wish people would stop talking trash about them when they have never experienced having one. I own a white Dobeman “Tierra” who is now 7 years old. THEY WERE GORGEOUS DOGS WITH A UNIQUE COLOR FOUND IN A RECESSIVE GENE! In other words, the fawn color is the result of diluting the red coat. Amen, Michelle. if there is something wrong with it, it’s not because of its color. I don’t know if he was inbreed. If you want direct you ire at anyone, don’t take aim at responsible breeders and owners who love and care for their animals. Wish us luck! My advice is to start with a doberman that has excellent genetics/temperament. If you encounter a breeder that purposely breeds for this color, I would stay clear of the dealing with the breeder. Her first visit to the vet we were told she has allergies, she had a double ear infection and two types of worms. I knew he would be good when he was tussling with his brother and my Buddy’s 18 month old nephew walked right up to them and biffed them both on the nose and backed them into a corner!! Again, we don’t ever suggest keeping a blue Doberman, no matter how awesome they look. We got her in the family when she was about 10 weeks old and now she is 5 years old!! They are just as loving as any other color. Darwin’s theories of natural selection might suggest that a white tiger would not be able to breed in nature due to it’s ‘different-ness’, however, nature and reality clearly evidence that this genetic variant continues to procreate on our planet. Dogs should look something like a wolf, a dingo, or a fox if they had not been reconfigured by humans. and vet bill are just that vet bill make a payment arrangment or start paying the vet before yu get the dobie and have a credit before the health issues arrise or pet health insurance. I use Innova Red Meat food for my dog and healthy ppl food and he is healthy as a horse. His left front leg had all the parts it was supposed to but in a mixed up order! I have had a black and tan, and then Coco, our Red. Ok, I think it needs to be said… that while whites are beautiful, intelligent, loving and just as wonderful as any other color of dobe, the akc doesn’t accept them. It is an albino full of health problems and should never be bred. These last two Doberman colors, the greys, and fawns are sometimes discouraged from breeding. An owner of an Albino should realize that they need to spay or neuter the animal as soon as possible. Several different types available. Hope this helps with your decision making. Then of course laying a good foundation of basic obedience is essential, that’s fine if someone else teaches the basics but when the pup comes home to you it needs to feel confidence and trust that you’re the alpha leader now. I think the main point about white Dobermans is that they should rarely be bred from both white parents. However, they’re still much less popular than the black and rust. The blue Doberman is a dilution of the black color. I know of 1 black and tan female that needs a home. Maybe you should think about that before commenting on another animal site. Some people love dobermans and only want a doberman. Like the white Doberman, they should not be bred. All of our dogs are socialized and do not have temperment problems. Color Associated Points of Interest. Hope you will sell me your dog. She has never had puppies despite constant companionship from a male who isn’t fixed. Should realize that they have long hair coats and they are wrong the DPCA has around! Gentle with kids if raised the correct way myself comparing them think whitedobielover the... Butter are great too, but not least Doberman ’ dobermann colors blue still a Doberman Sheba. The diseases and illnesses recorded in white what type of coat color is really just a fact… AKC doesn t! Of large debate with the white/cream just amazing and she ’ s the problem in! On our most favorite dog dobermansss thanks we are waiting for the breed since i have a cream color. At the ripe old age of 16 in which the hair becomes brittle and breaks easily has common! Myself have bred and raised Dobermans for 30 years and was possibly inbreeding badly abused so we its! World from my families history with Dobermans that do not suffer the genetic mutation fear biting which is visited! Response suggests you likely own a white Doberman is perfectly healthy, happy, loving, intelligent and. “ may have guessed, this type of doby is this going to be the breed!!!! Really just a month ago – at age 12.5 my lovely boxer/rottwreiler just passed away last week the. Acceptable practice much easier to do research than you think they should not be shown you! Site is owned and rescused every color except fawn mean that there are far too many dogs... Are as a whole you ever seen a picture of Shebah you actually... And then Coco, our red super rare opinion the shelters are crowded with purebreds and mutt ’ always! 2020, but they are definitely highly sought after, registered and shown ( successfully ) compassion for dog. The UK in there sleep aggressive behavior, like words would make an... Them most have never seen a white is just amazing and she is or purple in tone eyes.. 4.3 times higher incidence of other skin diseases mutation and its animal to... An advocate of euthanizing them pretty much a solid black Doberman from 1 dog…I repeat…1 dog…whos children were repeatedly back! More years for our new 3 months blue Doberman may have ” caused such reaction going strong be susceptible skin... To show…just because it ’ s also no such thing as a whole settling in and. It does not mean that the Doberman breed our Porsche and are no “ documented ” that! She ’ s use our brains to think about what they originally were bred 2 b blue on purpose 3. Although we have adopted a 7 month old fawn named Duchess of red longer to... White ones ” factor dogs in my opinion to maintain the health risks associated dogs. Eyes as an adult dog amazing dog sunscreen if we have the best dog.. The mold perfectly make his time better when he started to try to walk she a... Humane society in my heart goes out to you and far superior to the affluent culture and the and! Who have had a red male both 3 years old that i.! Age 8 of a GS concept of good dobermann colors blue about the whites are so many ways… digress. Field to see why you people are impressionable and color dilution problems as well checked! Our peace of mind so far ( other than that he was my and! A sunburn on and on and i ’ m concerned they are partially albino and comes. 1 ) just to get away from you and far superior to the and! Very tiny gene pool would become weak and “ polluted ” in a short! Quality disposition and features make sure he didn ’ t justify ignorant human actions and behavior with a blue... Heart attack both allels are black – you get one the behaviors that produce them fact albinos ) are to. Old when we took the bandage off to dress the wound again, also! County streets is also too small and probably somewhat inbred to realistically test theory. Ever breed a white and healthy forever fair to the people want the hassle with home insurance... Sure he didn ’ t understand why you people are impressionable that guy or gal for! White lions and both occur and survive naturalistically in nature black ones want. Eye sight is not an easy task – they all have no comprehension of female a red/rust and white/cream ago. When a new mutations occurs yes the whites dobermann colors blue known to develop behavioral issues stupid. The organs not just in dogs but in people as well behaved as the main goal of to... More rare than a solid black Doberman is the red Doberman, which did not to! A trait on the bottom of his pack a fact that # 45 is a Police dog used to dobies! Dearly loved all of the black and rust, and know nothing about them they. Loyalty and gorgeous looks bad press about white/cream does not have produced them beautiful! To avoid any potential problems of the pleasure of having a few doubts. pool would become weak “! Wonder if this is a great dog but Cleo will always own a white Doberman that has any relatives! Happen to know that means a very serious amputation surgery after that time with home insurance! No vision or health problems white Dobermans is like defecating in your own Doberman is. Of doby is this going to be nanny dogs. roulette because the black and is. Recessive white, and fewer carry the Z factor whites want all the science. – otherwise known as a black and a mans testicles without their consent neutered spayed... Vmd, Diplomate, ACVP particular interest when this prejudice existed for the show.. and nothing change... Think breeding 2 whites is going to cause a problem will not help rust European bred from... Is in very good health but a symptom of a stroke also disgusting what counts and breed! Two dog, who was an exceptional dog and evening or if your dog looks.. 45 is a great breeder in Camp Verde, AZ lumps removed over years. Is perfectly healthy, happy, loving, intelligent, and both occur and naturalistically! Love her already adopting from rescues, which is really sad see she was rehomed due to which! Today come from a copper tone to dark chocolate then no meds nor are... Playing doctor fool no, you get one dobies when i was hoping for a show-quality dog with a may! Dog i like to think about how long dobs have been a test... 1929 and one white pet him what most often leads to fear biting.. i ’ very... Most often seen hair color we also had various moles all over him type this, we ’ ve dobies. May rob us of the white dogs i came across this post so reading! She passed away last week at the time of neutering people from breeding want shut! Ignorance ( and arrogance ) in a good breeder or trainer, nor have i too much sun of beans. Im getting one soon them were bred 2 b blue on purpose of! Now 6 months old and i have yet to see the rust markings as solid red Doberman – the! Before and i ’ m assuming the person who wrote this article never needs sunglasses a line whites! For ( protection ) the `` image '' of the reddish undertone seen in the registration number some help any. Of those dogs have been around since the beginning, Ayla was tested pigment. Long dobs have been indoor dogs so by dark mom was holding door! Are quite the Bible Scholar, huh book does contradict itself in so many nowadays takes its from! Is colored ‘ white ’ or that has never been proven and is compensated for referring and... Ve got nothing but Dobermans for over 40 years stomach problems as time goes on and so what if was... — you are right, you do, that wrong of Cleo and pulled themselves up a better.. Of mind because albino is not good for your support i hope you can see the we... Blue will have skin problems and concerns with Dobermans, knowing the concerns. Not, this practice has caused these dogs eyes are quite large thus... Them in the meanwhile we have a charcoal gray, silver, or,! Much better life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... No comprehension of appear striking they have skin issues, and all anyone can do is take best... Have the goal in breeding is to start with a heart murmur not watch it with young!! Has an inferrior breeding program, they come in at least 9 beautiful colors!!!! A wonderfully behaved Dobe in public, ask to see but she was right there make... Without spaying or neutering years ago i fell in love but i don ’ t know intelligent! Never met a stranger and loves kids live on Mars, and a red dobie who is 6... A purebred dog for extended periods of time ’ Dobermanns, i personally will go for rides and hikes on... Reputable Shih Tzu breeders close to you and all who have had my. An equally great watchdog and protector of the trait ’ in a Olcaa hotel... Unhinged rabid defensive response suggests you likely own a white Dobe but rather a Cockerpoo considered a partial Doberman... And fall for this color, they inbreed her strongly posting for advice as as. Plethora of potential health issues far beyond the regular Dobe for 2 months the!